Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Marketing Yourself helps with your marketing

Everybody knows that marketing a product or service is important if you expect to be found. Most people don't have enough time. But if some easy to use facilities are created just for your Mini Job Store, then it would be easier to spend a few minutes.

To help your Mini Job market here are some resources from Marketing Yourself.

Marketing Yourself offers a free Newsfeed with details of you, and a link to your personal website or Blog. You have to do nothing, apart from supply the link details. The feed is shown on this Blog and is available on other sites. If you have a website you can add the feed as well.

Squidoo is a great resource and there is a module where you can load the url of your Job Offer. The site is rated highly and indexed often so always a good place to be seen. Try the Fiver link

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