Saturday, 31 March 2012

Mini Jobs for everybody

More and more people are finding that a mini job is all that is available. Normally low paid, and work conditions can be suspect. Maybe there is travel involved as well, which makes any mini-job hardly worthwhile. GCUKUFMJNF7W

If you have basic computer skills and a home computer you can offer your very own job for sale, at a price and time to suit you. That is the idea behind the Marketing Yourself, Mini Job Store.

Germany is experiencing high growth in the mini job market and in the US and UK it is people of all types that seek to create an additional income. Students always need extra cash, so micro or mini jobs can be a solution.

Normally you study the local newspapers in the classified adds section or in job vacancies, but the competition is high and in many cases the job has already been taken. Just suppose you could promote yourself, free of charge and let the buyer come to you, this would make life a lot easier.

So what could you offer?
The answer is, just about anything that is legal and you have the knowledge and skills.

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